At Paws 2 People, we sure do love our pets.

They are the little bundles of joy which bring us together on the best dating app for single pet owners and lovers, after all.

But we also can’t forget about those special pet owners and caretakers who support these precious little fur babies through thick and thin.

That’s why this holiday season, you need to be sure to get something extra special for the pet lover in your life. And don’t fret about searching far and wide for something, anything, to put in their stocking.

There are no shortage of unique, pet-friendly gifts out there for these folks, and we’ve decided to help you out by listing some of the top holiday gift ideas for pet lovers. Let’s take a look at a few of them, shall we?


What better gift can you give to the pet lover in your life than a squeaky new toy — literally. Treating your friend, sibling, or significant other with a gift for their special fur baby is one of the surest ways to score some brownie points. Plus, oh what fun it is to watch as their pet runs and plays!

One great toy idea for the extra good doggos who enjoy a game of fetch is the Nerf dog tennis ball blaster, which can launch tennis balls as far as 50 feet. Go fetch!

Pet Hair Vacuum

One of the minor inconveniences that comes with having a furry companion in your home is that they tend to get hair everywhere.

It’s on the couch. It’s on the rug. It’s somehow in the fridge? In order to counteract these little shedders, the pet lover on your Christmas list could certainly use a heavy-duty vacuum designed specifically for pet hair.

According to NerdWallet, the number one best vacuum for pet hair in this market is the Shark Rotator NV752, which is quiet, durable, and picks up a whole mess of pet hair no matter where it is — even on stairs and upholstery.

Friendship Collars

What better way to help the pet lover in your life to show off their affinity for their companion than with a customized Friendship Collar?

Pet owners will rejoice when they see their matching bracelet and dog collar in their favorite color scheme.

These unique products are available for both dogs and cats and are touted as the “Purr-fect” stocking stuffers, and with good reason!

Paws 2 People Subscription

Finally, there is one unique gift for the pet lover in your life that will be sure to blow them away: a subscription to the best dating app for single pet owners.

Paws 2 People was made to bring compatible pet lovers together. Our professional matchmakers will take into account your personal profile, including details about your four-legged friend, in order to pair you with someone with similar interests.

The pet owner in your life will be thrilled that they (and their pet) have a chance to meet the love of their life! Sign up for this revolutionary dating app today and start connecting.