Picture this scenario: A woman in search of love starts browsing and browsing for the best dating app to find her one true match.

As she’s looking through the bios of the available suitors, she notes that none of them mention their affinity for pets.

In fact, all of the profiles sound alike.

Enjoys long walks in the park. Dinner and a movie. Loves watching sports. Yada, yada, yada.

That strikes the wrong chord with our lovely bachelorette. Because she loves her pet as if it was her own child, and anyone who hopes to wine and dine her needs to be on board with that. In fact, her ideal soulmate would not only be on board with it, but they would be a fellow pet owner with their own best friend who would become a part of this harmonious relationship.

So, she goes out in search of fellow single pet owners, but to no avail. All of the current dating sites on the market are catered toward farmers, party animals, and other niche demographics, but no mention of pet owners seeking love.

Finally, she finds a way to advertise herself as a pet owner looking for the right match with similar interests and passions. Suddenly, the date requests begin flooding in. Dozens of potential suitors and pet owners are also looking for dates, and now under this unified network all of the pet lovers in the world can connect based upon their common love for their four-legged furry friends.

Sounds a bit like a movie, right? (Actually, it kind of is.)

But what if we told you it was also a very, very real concept?

What if this Hollywood script came to life, and suddenly there was a single online matchmaking site built with single pet owners in mind?

Well, it’s your lucky day, fellow pet owners of the universe.

Introducing Paws2People, the world’s best dating app for bringing pet lovers together.

By signing up for our exclusive app, you receive access to a full network of compatible pet owners who have similar interests, hobbies, and of course a love for their favorite companions. With our professional matchmaking services, you only get paired up with those you are compatible with.

It’s as simple as that. Finally, there’s a place for pet lovers to connect and meet their soul mates.

Here’s how our dating site for dog lovers, cat lovers, and all-around pet lovers works.

Sign Up!

This is the first step. If you sign up today, you can receive a free three-day trial to see if Paws2People is right for you. It’s as easy as downloading the app from the App Store or on Google Play. Or, if you want to sign up through our exclusive dating site, simply head to the Paws2People page and fill out three simple fields: Your first name, last name, and email address. Then we’ll get you set up with a three day trial so you can see how it all works.

Create A Profile

You’ll start out by creating a profile, but remember this isn’t your typical dating app. Sure, you’ll fill out the basic details about yourself: Where you’re from, what you look like, how tall you are, where you went to school, and what you’re searching for in a partner.

But you’ll also be filling out some details about your furry little friend. Is it a dog or a cat? What type of breed? What is their name? What are their likes, dislikes, and habits?

This information helps our innovative matchmaking algorithm match you with other single pet owners who are compatible with you and your pets.
As soon as your profile is complete, our state-of-the-art system will get to work finding you the woofs you deserve.

Meet Your Match

At Paws2People, we’re confident that our technology and community will help you find the right person for you. Whether you’re looking for a fellow dog owner to go on challenging hikes with, or a cat lover who can tolerate a relaxing Friday night in the house, we’ll only pair you up with fellow pet enthusiasts with similar interests. From your age, background, location, orientation, and more, we take it all into account and allow you to search the largest, most diverse community of single pet owners in the world.

Reap the Rewards

What’s more rewarding than finding true love, you ask? Well, nothing. But we also have a few other benefits to joining the diverse, fun-loving community at Paws2People. Each month, we give back to our loyal users with cash giveaways as high as $200 in the form of a Visa gift card. Plus, we donate a portion of all the proceeds we earn from our dating site to the local humane society of Lakeland, Florida, our home base, in order to give back to the furry friends we love so much.

Our History

Paws2People launched in January of 2016 with one goal in mind: To offer the support and tools necessary to help single pet owners find love, no matter their orientation or interests. And to be honest, we’re pretty darn good at it.

Throughout our existence, we’ve learned more about pet owners, what they want, and the tools they need in order to eliminate the stresses and confusion out of finding their one true soulmate. We don’t create fake profiles, so you can rest assured that everyone on our online dating app is authentic and pure.

Our mission is to connect fun, single pet owners through an advanced dating network, and we won’t stop until you’ve found true love.

So, go ahead. Take initiative like the girl in our Hollywood story, and download the best dating app for pet lovers today.